Tips on Choosing the Best Local Carpet Cleaner

The dude abides a good Liverpool carpet cleaner

Are you planning to hire a professional carpet cleaner in Liverpool? In Liverpool and thinking of these Liverpool carpet cleaners based on their reputation? There are some tips you should apply so as to select the best cleaners and one of those to pick a carpet cleaner near you, luckily this particular guy also covers Wirral & Southport (see those links) so if you new to FSC Servis you know we always recommend local firms over national ones to boost the economy. The mistake done by most people looking for such services is that they fail to conduct thorough research before selecting one and national firms tend to be more expensive. They end up not getting the kind of services and price they expected – low training, high fee. This implies that it is very crucial to take some time and choose the one that offers the best cleaning services. Here are the tips on how to select the best carpet cleaners:1. Read the Testimonials of Other Customers

It is important to consider what other clients who have used their services have to say about the quality of services they experienced. Such comments are usually found on their pages in the social media or websites. Take your time and choose the one with positive customer reviews. Try as much as possible to avoid those carpet cleaners where the clients are complaining about the nature of the services they got. 2. Consider the Services of Licensed Carpet Cleaners

Those carpet cleaners with a license have been vetted to ensure that the kind of services they offer meets the required quality standards. It is also important to ensure that the licensing body is legitimate and recognized. It is the role of the licensing body to ensure that the cleaning services offered meet the required quality standards and is offered within the required price range.3. Seek Referrals

Seek advice from those people who know more about carpet cleaning and they are the right individuals to advise you on how to choose the best Liverpool carpet cleaners. They have been using the services of carpet cleaners and they can give you some of the tips they applied so as to select the best carpet cleaners. Besides, they can introduce you to some of the best cleaners they know. With the exposure of such individuals, you are assured of selecting the best.4. Choose Experienced Carpet Cleaners in Liverpool

Those with experienced have been offering cleaning services for a longer period and they are capable of providing the best services you need. They have are capable of providing immediate solutions to complicated issues within the shortest time possible. This is because of the exposure they have and the experience. They have encountered a lot of such problems such that they always have real-time solutions. Therefore, go for those carpet cleaners with experience and you are guaranteed the best services at the best rates. Their reason for existing in the market is because they satisfy the needs of the customers.

Choosing a Driving School in Chester

driving lessons

Hey guys, Bill here, just wanted to have a rant about driving lessons in my local area of Chester. While there are several places to take driving lessons in Chester  they do not all offer the same quality of service. Besides, their charges also differ and most importantly, higher charges do not always lead to better driving lessons. So, it is not advisable to just choose a driving school at random. You should ensure that your driving school meets the certain requirements. You should ideally go with a driving school that comes recommended from people you trust too, ask around your family and friends before you start booking lessons because they can mount up to be quite expensive, it’s worthwhile actually spending that money on a good driving school.

Contact several schools

You need to contact many service providers and compare what they offer. So, it is advisable to contact up to 4 driving schools near your location and then compare what the offer before you select one. Here are what you should focus on.

Consider proximity

Taking driving lessons from a school that is located near you is convenient and it will also save you time and effort of going far. However, proximity is not the only factor to consider. You need to think of other factors too.


Compare the charges of all the driving schools. You should consider the school with the most pocket-friendly charges. At the same time, be wary of any school whose charges are way below average. It may be a pointer to low quality service.

Availability of certified instructors

It is important to take driving lessons from only experienced and certified instructors. Unfortunately, some instructors inflate their years of experience to attract more students. You may not be able to tell if your instructor inflated his years of experience or not but you can ask for his certificate. It is needless to remind you that certification is an indication of competence. I found an interesting piece recently about how to become a driving instructor – did you know they can make up to 50 grand a year??? I’m in the wrong job here haha, these guys Quail’s driving lessons in Wirral seem a good option if I ever wanted to go down that route.

Which of them has more facilities

Some driving schools have only one or two cars and when they are being used, you will need to reschedule your own lessons. This is why you should choose a school that has several cars. Another important facility to check is the size of their training field. You want to be trained on a wide field where you will be able to move the vehicle for long before hitting the road.

A good balance of theory and practical

Drivers fail theory tests more than practical ones because most schools focus more on the practical aspect. Unfortunately, you have to pass both tests to get a driver’s license. So you need a school that offers a good balance between both practical and theory.

Conclusively, in choosing where to get your driving lessons in Chester, you may need to prioritise the requirements because it is not likely that a single driving school will be better than others in all aspects. The school with the best facilities may be the farthest one to your home or the nearest school to you may also be a school with not-so-impressive facilities. So, you have to prioritise the requirements.

Hen Party Life Drawing in Liverpool

life drawing classes liverpool

If you are looking to do some hen party life drawing in Liverpool you’re in luck! We’ve got you covered with Get Nude Life Drawing specialise in hen party life drawing in Liverpool and are conveniently based just off Hope Street smack bang in the centre of students ville.

If you are after a dedicated studio that comes complete with it’s own bar then this is the place to go.

With really friendly staff and great life models that are happy to indulge your artist creative and make sure your hen party goes off with a bang – you’re sure to have a fantastic time.

life drawing classes liverpool

Here’s a few FAQ:

Can I become a life model?

Yes, this company are always looking out for new life models so if this is something you’re interested in then please get in touch with them.

Can I have a birthday party instead of a hen party?

Yes they seem to cater for any type of celebration and not just for hen parties so just enquire.

Can I bring my own booze?

No you can’t unfortunately, we asked them and they said all drinks must be bought from the bar. This isn’t too bad though because the drinks are priced reasonably enough and there’s lots to choose from so you don’t really need to be taking your own stuff in.

How long do the life drawing sessions last?

They generally last around two hours but you can request longer or if you need to be off somewhere else as part of your hen part then feel free to request a shorter amount of time too.

So there’s the basics out of the way now all you need to do is to ensure that you get yourself and your party booked in as part of your hen party celebrations and before you know it you’ll have the pencil in one hand and a glass of bubbly in the other!

All in all it seems to be a good laugh and worthwhile you including this event as part of your plans for the day.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using A Mortgage Broker?

So today I went to meet my mortgage broker to discuss getting a mortgage and I was thinking “What Are The Benefits Of Using A Mortgage Broker?” so I Googled it and found the answer. I’m so glad I decided not to apply for the mortgage on my own. The number of financial factors to be aware of when applying for a mortgage can really trip you up. So what are the benefits of using a mortgage broker? Where do I start!


Great mortgage deal

After just 10 minutes sitting with my mortgage broker, we were able to search through hundreds of mortgage deals from loads of different lenders. He was able to filter the deals based on my eligibility and other factors.


I wouldn’t have been able to do this by myself, because I don’t have that mortgage software (and I wouldn’t have known how to use it even if I did!).


There is probably some comparison sites out there, but to be honest, I tried one and it asked a complicated question and tried to capture my personal details. No doubt I’d be hounded by lenders of advisers after then, so I just bailed.


Here’s some other benefits I found my mortgage broker gave:


  • Expert mortgage advice
  • They did most of the legwork applying to the lender
  • They were free (in my case)
  • They had experience in the different nuances of each lender.


In my case, it was a bit of a no brainer. I’m not a financial professional and to be honest I’m not great with numbers, so having someone to handle all that for me made a real difference.

I don’t think they are all free though, some do charge a fee under different circumstances so watch out for that.


It’s worth considering any disadvantages of using a mortgage broker too though. I think the main one for me was the feeling that the broker was considering his commission when looking for the best deal for me. It made me wonder, are there better deals online that don’t pay a commission to brokers, perhaps with a better interest rate?


For me at least, the pro’s outweight the cons. Worth a thought though. If you’ve got experience in the mortgage or financial services industry, then maybe it’s worth going it alone.

What Next

The next step for me is to provide all my documents (ID, proof of address etc) to my broker who can then submit the mortgage application.

I’m going to do that tonight, the broker has emailed me a link to their online portal which allows me to upload everything online.

A Mortgage Broker in Chester Told Me This…

Mortgage Brokers Chester

I’d like to carry on the theme from last week when I was looking at local services and talk about what a mortgage broker in Chester told me. Firstly congratulations to Your Local Brokers Chester because when I was looking for the best mortgage brokers Chester had to offer these guys came to my rescue.

Mortgage Brokers Chester again

Seriously, I tried everyone. They were crap. Then I checked out the Local Brokers site and I read reviews that other customers had been leaving for these companies and it soon became clear that I wasn’t the only one who didn’t get the best service.

Anyway, down to the point. My broker “Kevin” said to me that the main difference between a mortgage broker and a comparison service (which seem to be everywhere these days) is that they can give  you advice that you just won’t get online. Here’s what Kevin said to me:

“Your mortgage rate is going to change, you’re on help to buy and when it kicks in 5 years time you’ll have to start paying the interest on that additional part of the loan. So what you do is come back to me in 5 years time and I know I can find you another mortgage at a cheaper rate than the increase and so even though you’ll start paying the interest to the Government you’ll basically keep  your repayments the same because I can get you a cheaper deal. Not only that, if you start putting away the additional interest payment now into a separate bank account you can award yourself payment break further down the line if you want to take a break from paying the interest because you’ll have that additional money squared away.”

It’s not bad advice. My first thought was well why can’t you just get me an even better deal right now, why wait until 5 years have passed to get me a cheaper rate. I didn’t actually say that though because it’s almost too obvious, it just felt a bit odd because I was putting this guy’s professional opinion on the line in favour of my own fly by night expertise.

Anyway, see what you think of this advice, I’m going to go back in five years time and if he’s still there and manages to get me a better mortgage I’ll post the answer in here assuming I’m still running this blog by then eh!

If you have the answer to this yourself then please leave a comment below, it would be good to hear what everyone’s opinions on the matter are!


Some of the greatest Italian restaurants in Liverpool

italian restaurant Liverpool

Whether you are visiting Liverpool or live in the city, consider these options if you are seeking Italian food, especially in Liverpool’s central area:

-Villa Romana

Top choice restaurant and one of the city’s favourites, as Italian restaurants in Liverpool Villa Romana have an authenticate Italian interior to their restaurant and a menu to match it. I initially found this when looking for some romantic things to do in Liverpool during our last visit and found that blog post, we decided to try the restaurant because of it and we were not disappointed! In fact because this blog is all about life and what it brings, the rest of this post is dedicated to the other restaurants in the area, we haven’t tried them all but if you have any feedback we’d love to hear it!

-Trattoria 51

The Trattoria 51 can be found in Liverpool’s commercial district, more specifically at Old Hall Street. It is also not far away from the Echo Arena and the two football clubs that rival each other: Liverpool FC and Everton FC. This restaurant features astonishing architecture, being inside a classical Victorian building with two floor levels. Being an authentic pizzeria, pizzas are freshly prepared and baked in a stone oven. And innovation comes alongside tradition, since Trattoria 51 is the first restaurant ever to become a partner of DS-gluten free, a retail brand that specialises in gluten free pizzas and meals for persons that follow a gluten free diet.

-Casa Italia

Casa Italia is in the heart of Liverpool’s city centre, being directly opposite of the Eleanor Rigby statue. It is one of the most traditional venues of Liverpool, having been established in 1976 and owned by the same Italian family since then, four decades already. Its two-level interior accommodates 120 people in the lower floor and 60 people in the upper floor, which is available for booking and reservation of parties. And during the three previous decades, famous personalities such as Paul McCartney and Kylie Minogue have occupied the tables at Casa Italia.

-Il Forno

This fine and elegant restaurant is headed by the Cillo family, which hail from the south of Italy. Located at Duke Street, Il Forno has been awarded numerous times, one example being considered one of the country’s greatest Italian restaurants by The Sunday Times, as well as holding the title of ‘Best Pizza’ in the 2015 English Italian Awards. But perhaps the main secret might be the ingredients used, since authenticity, textures, scents and flavours are essential. From the olive oil pressed in the traditional manner, to the Salerno cheeses, Parma hams and the wines of Sicily, only at Il Forno you will be able to find the most amazing and tremendous combinations that make for a unique dining experience.

-Olive Restaurant and Bar

Situated at the heart of Liverpool’s financial district, on Castle Street, it is open all day long, being a great choice for either business or pleasure outings. If you are bringing children with you, it will be an even more enjoyable experience, since they will be able to wear a chef’s hat suited to their size and make their own pizza off of a menu featuring healthy and appealing ingredients. Also, their fantastic wine bar must not be forgotten, since of course wine is a staple in any Italian meal.



Bill Paul